Shared Hosting with Leotechnologiesgives you  peace of mind with prices like you’ve never seen before. Though many websites inhabit on one web server connected to the internet. This is generally the most economical option for hosting, as the overall cost of server maintenance is spread across many.


A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is essentially a completely different server hosted in a physical dedicated server that acts as a container to support several VPS’s. This option is perfect for webmasters, designers, developers, and business owners. We offer the option of a central processing unit (CPU), memory or disk space for whichever operating system you choose.
Our VPS services start with 10 GB to 200 GB of disk space, from just 300 BDT a month.

If you want to purchase a VPS for a period of twelve months or more you’ll get two extra months free. Please contact sales for more information about our VPS services.


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